Berkley Show 26/06/2022

Berkley Show 26/06/2022

WOW! What an amazing day. Blessed by beautiful sunshine…well, for most of the day. Everything you could possibly want from an agricultural show was there: tractors, bulls, horses, animal demonstrations, the young farmers cake stand and the WI.


We had lots of new visitors to the Oakhurst Living stall, we are incredibly grateful for everyone who took an interest in our Gin. A special thank you to our new customers who bought a bottle…or two!

Berkeley Show is a day out for all the family, including dogs it would seem! Not a customer went by where there wasn’t a prancing pooch in tow. You didn’t see us complaining.

The show saw record sales with the word of Oakhurst Gin spreading. With its smooth and complex flavour it’s not difficult to fall in love with it! Perfect as a gift or the centrepiece on one’s own drinks trolley.


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